Friday, December 26, 2008

Life And Liberty

I spent a lovely Christmas day yesterday with my family, and I hope everyone else had a wonderful day also. Thanks so much for your Christmas greetings, they were all well appreciated.

Now I'm wanting to get into another project and the one that's calling for me to do it is Life And Liberty by Shepherd's Bush. It's a bit bigger than the last two I stitched, but I hope not too big enough that it won't take me too long to complete. I like the idea of all the separate motifs, and of course the pudgie and sheep. It allows you to do as much or as little each time you stitch.

Shepherd's Bush - Life And Liberty


Melissa said...

Good morning Jane! That's a great design and I love those little buttons! Looking forward to seeing your progress!

Kath said...

I have this one too Jane, and am looking forward to stitching it. Will you change the flag to an Oz one? I think that is what is putting me off starting it.