Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Christmas finish

The weather's turned bad here. We've had more rain since I don't know when, and you'd think it was Winter rather than Summer. So I decided to take the opportunity and finish off Santa's Fill. Once you get into it, it's really a quick one to do. I find I don't get a lot achieved stitching at night, so I love the chance to stitch on a weekend during the daytime.

SB Santa's Fill - shop exclusive kit
Started - 3 December 2008
Finished - 13 December 2008
Fabric - 32ct Irish Creme
Threads - Soie d'Alger silk, Silk Mori, and Threadgatherer handpainted silk
Three Amethyst beads included

So what to stitch next... perhaps I should stick to these small projects for the moment. :) Maybe another Christmas one. I'll hunt around in my stash and see what I have. That in itself is a lot of fun.

Til next time ~ happy stitching all!


cathymk said...

Gorgeous! Lovely finish!

Loreta said...

Jane, it's so beautiful!

Melissa said...

That's very sweet, Jane! Your photographs are lovely in general - what kind of camera do you use?

Lei B. said...

What a cute project! I never have seen that design before. You did a lovely job.

Márti said...

Very nice!!!

Jurga said...

So lovely project, Jane! Very nice and very Christmassy :)

Jane said...

Thanks to everyone for all your lovely comments. It's very kind of you.

Melissa, my camera is a Canon Ixus 75 compact. I find that lighting is the most important thing when taking photos. The top picture in this post is done with my scanner, the rest with my camera.

Tammy said...

Oh that little stocking is a tiny work of art! It's great and now I have to have one--I've not seen that pattern, so the hunt is on!

Nicole said...

Beautiful finish Jane!! I love it! :)