Sunday, December 07, 2008

It's Christmas time

I've had a busy weekend in all and today I would have got some stitching done except for the fact that I hadn't put any Christmas decorations up. So I thought I'd better solve that problem and decided to hang a wreath on my front door and put a Christmas tree up. Now, the tree is a small one. I do have a larger six foot tree, but haven't been bothered putting that up for a few years now. It takes all day to do it and it's too tempting for small pussy cats to play with. This smaller tree I've placed on top of my antique Singer sewing machine. Hopefully high enough away from the cats. It's starting to feel a bit more like Christmas now.


Dovilė said...

wonderful christmas decorations:)

Anne said...

I can not believe Christmas is in 17 days, you have cute decorations, I like the little snowman on the last picture (day till christmas), have a nice week!

Theresa said...

Lovely decorations!!!! They are beautiful~