Friday, December 05, 2008

It's looking like a stocking now

Although tired after getting home from work these nights, I managed to sit down and add some more to Santa's Fill. The previous picture I thought it was starting to look more like a pear, so I'm happy to show you another picture which makes it look like a Christmas stocking is being created.

Santa's Fill - 5 December 2008

The fabric that comes with the kit is a 32ct called Irish Creme. It's a colour I haven't stitched on before and I quite like it. Silk threads are used for it and three amethyst beads are included. I'll try to stitch a little more over the weekend.

Hope you all have a happy one. Bye for now!


katleen said...

I'm sure it will be beautiful !

POlly said...

wow its so nice and unsual
i tagged you
details at aliftetimeofstash

Ginnie said...

it is a nice coloured fabric - looking good so far!

Tammy said...

Pretty! Now, will you frame that yourself? If so, how???! I see so many people who pick up some board and frame their own things. This will be gorgeous after you finish! (it's gorgeous now!)

Melissa said...

Jane, I can see a stocking too! ;-)

Happy stitching!

Nicole said...

It's looking very pretty! Love your new header! :)