Saturday, July 05, 2008

Having fun with this one!

Little Ballerinas is coming along nicely. Worked some more on it last night and managed to get the other curtain done. The stage is set now for the ballerinas. This is so cute and really pretty for a precious girl that you may have in your life. I'm sure my niece will love it!

Little Ballerinas - 4 July 2008

I'm so into CCN and LHN designs. It's nice to find designers where most of their patterns you like. You get excited about their new ones and look forward to seeing their future creations. I'm probably more interested in these two designers that Shepherd's Bush at the moment, and that's saying something!

CCN have a new one out that I've seen on their site. It's called The Needlework Shop. Another definite must have. Love pinks and greens together, and anything that has the word 'Needlework' in it usually grabs my attention.

CCN - The Needlework Shop

I'm also going to love the new threadpack series of Little Women by LHN. Quilting looks darling and the others (Reading, Gardening, and Baking) look cute too. Nicole's started on Quilting and it's looking great. Debs has finished hers which sold me on this design. So much prettier than the basic pattern you see on LHN site, once you see it stitched up. Great job Debs! And Nicole, I hope you finish yours soon - can't wait to see it!

So my wish list is getting longer which is a bad thing. I'm still trying not to buy anything until after my holiday in September. It's so hard :(!!! I'm being good though and sticking with my plan. Not that I'm liking it :)...


CraftyT said...

How cute is that? I also think LHN and CCN have some wonderful designs out there. And it seems as if they keep geting better :)

Great stitching so far.

Anne said...

what a gorgeous design for a precious little girl! I love it! can't wait to see your finishing