Monday, July 07, 2008

Button, Button and another finish for Mum

Mum and Dad dropped by for a visit yesterday and Mum brought with her a couple of her latest needlework finishes. Love seeing what she's been doing.

One was a design she's been working on for a while. Fairly large and includes some intricate work with tree shading. It's by Juniper Designs and it's called Strahan. This is a town in Tasmania - Australia, which she has visited on holidays there with Dad. The same designer which created The Rocks in Sydney that she's stitched.

The other item she completed which I was excited to see was the pattern I'd given to her for Mother's Day. It's an Erica Michaels design called Button, Button. She has made it into a button bag with a pretty floral fabric for backing. She hasn't quite finished it as she wants to line the inside with some soft pink silk fabric (which is underneath the bag in the photo). I think it looks so pretty and since I bought myself the kit as well, I will look forward to stitching it one day also. Here's some pics I took yesterday of it...

ERICA MICHAELS - Button, Button bag (stitched by Mum)

Backing fabric of the bag

That's all for now. Hope you're all enjoying your stitching projects. Have fun!!!


Anne said...

this button bag looks great and I love the backing fabric,your mother is a grat stitcher!

Chrissie said...

You are so lucky having a mother who shares your love of stitching. I love the button bag that you mum has stitched and how pretty it will be finished with that fabric for the backing.

Dovilė said...

Lovely button bag!

Marie said...

It's very beautiful and this blog too ! Malomary