Saturday, July 19, 2008

Back to Quaker

I thought I'd pick up Quaker Garden last night and do a little more of it. I'm getting to half way done on this project.

Quaker Garden - 18 July 2008

My level of motivation has dropped off these past two weeks. A number of things I could say has caused this. The weather (too cold), been feeling tired when I get home from work, and been a bit busier.

Since I have plenty of time to finish Little Ballerinas I decided to continue with QG. Still loving this one:)))


Loreta said...

It looks very beautiful! Colours and details are pleasing me. I just love to watch it all the time:)

encarna said...

his beautiful work, I see it constantly in picasa, likes what I, we have the same tastes, what is wrong here that can not these beautiful graphics and yarns, it is very difficult. A huge greeting from Mexico.

Deb said...

That's a beautiful sampler, it must be a pleasure to work on.

I'll gladly trade you my hot humid temperatures for your cold ones! :)

Sandra said...

Great progress on Quaker Garden, I love the fabric you are using, it looks so warm.