Thursday, May 15, 2008


Boy, when I order stash, do I go overboard sometimes! My way of thinking is that if I order a lot of things at the one time, I save on postage. Plus there's too many lovely things out there and I do find it hard to wait for them.

This leads me to the picture below. I did a big order from Stitching Bits and Bobs and most of it arrived in the mail today.

Parcel from Stitching Bits and Bobs

I've just taken a quick photo of it all. I got some fabrics, charts, and threads. I'm mad for Blackbird Designs at the moment, so there's a few of their patterns. The threads are mainly for these charts. Some more LHN/CCN - I don't seem to do an order lately without getting more of their designs. There's also some Prairie Schooler charts which I'm not normally into, but the odd one has caught my eye lately.

I dropped my camera on the floor tonight trying to take a photo of my stash parcel. I must have been so excited to receive my stash! Thankfully my camera seems to be ok. I was so annoyed with myself for not being more careful.

I better hop off this computer soon and head off to bed. Can't stay up too late as tomorrow's a work day. Before I go I'll show you a pic of Snowy Morn. I did some work on it last weekend but the light was getting bad for me to continue with the outer border. Will try to finish it this Sunday if I can when I've got some proper daylight. The colour of the thread against the fabric was making it hard to see where I was putting my stitches.

Snowy Morn - 11 May 2008

Til next time...


Nicole said...

Wow!! Great Stash Haul Jane!! I love everything you got! Our tastes are so similar! Snowy Morn is looking great! You are almost finished! :)

Chrissie said...

WOW!! (jaw dropped open) That was a GOOD stash order Jane and would have been an exciting package to receive in the mail. I bet you have had fun lovingly handling all that. Glad your camera is okay too.

Sandra said...

Oh my, I hope your credit card has recovered!! I have to be a bit more cautious as in the UK, we get stung for customs charges, so I only dare order about 36 or 40 dollars worth at a time from the US.

Yuko said...

Oh wow Jane!
What a gorgeous stash!!!
I have been waiting for my parcel from Bits and Bobs, can't wait to receive it!
This time I mostly ordered gadgets, like scissors etc...
Other stash I've ordered from France and also have been waitinf for it!
Your stash are fests my eyes! lol