Saturday, May 03, 2008

Another pic to show

Thought I'd try scanning my latest WIP picture instead of taking a photo with my camera. I think it's turned out much clearer. Lately I've been using my camera because it's so easy to grab, and neglecting the fact that my scanner can do good pictures too. As usual I didn't get a lot done today with Snowy Morn, but any progress is good progress in my opinion.

Snowy Morn - 3 May 2008 (scanned image)

I've started doing one of the outside borders. It's a simple process of stitches but looks really effective. It's my favourite part of the design. When you see the finished picture, this border seems to draw your eye to it.

I'm not getting good quality stitching time at the moment. Just a couple of hours here and there, so I'm trying to get done what I can, when I can. I don't have a deadline, so there's no hurry. I don't like it if I have to have something finished by a certain date anyway. I like to just take my time (not just with stitching too). That's just my nature.


Chrissie said...

Love that border Jane. It certainly is effective. I have found that with Shepherd's Bush patterns, they give good instructions for the specialty stitches and they give a nice effect. Thanks for your comments on my blog :)

Nicole said...

It's looking great Jane! Your making me want to start a new SB! :)

Sandra said...

Love the border design, it's looking good. The only trouble I find with long stitches, is finding a secure place to fasten off the threads.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your project is looking great Jane, love Lindt chocolates also and know how hard it would be to resist buying them when they are on special.