Monday, December 13, 2010

Oprah Soaks Up Sydney

It's the day before Oprah's big show/s in Sydney. Monday, and she set sail with Russell Crowe out on Sydney Harbour. A perfect day weatherwise for her to experience it.

Tomorrow is the taping of her show. Lots of Australian guests will appear, but with Bon Jovi in Australia as well at the moment, will they drop by to visit? Yes, they will! Bit of a fan of Bon Jovi (especially Jon Bon Jovi - is he hot or what?). Here's details of who will be on her show.


Wendy said...

sounds like a lot of fun, will you be attending the sjow aswell ?
as a guest or otherwise....

I can imagine that it is all over the news over there.
would like to know one thing, does she stitch ?

sheri said...

Oh, I love Bon Jovi, too. Jon AND Richie!!! And Russell Crowe ain't bad, either! Hey, how long will it take me to get there?!!

Christine said...

Reading your updates on Oprah in Australia has been really fun especially since I've been loving her new (and final) season. Thank you for sharing!

Jane said...

Wendy, I didn't try to get tickets as this time of year is our busiest at work and couldn't take the time off to see her. People had to try their luck to get the 'golden tickets' through a lottery style selection. So I wasn't able to go to the shows. :(

You know, in all the years I've watched her, she's never mentioned that she stitches. I guess she doesn't - not that she'd have time for it. :)

Sheri, your flight would take at least 14 hours depending on where you live in the US, to get to Australia. You may not see the stars but I'm sure you'd have a great time anyway.

Thanks also to Christine for enjoying my updates. I'll try to have some stitching news next time.