Friday, December 10, 2010

Oprah in Australia #2

Oprah's first day in Australia was spent at Hamilton Island, visiting a wildlife park there (saw two koalas mating within the first hour of her arriving - welcome Oprah!), had a seafood barbeque on the beautiful Whitehaven Beach created by Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone, and stayed the night at the exclusive Qualia Resort on Hamilton Island.

Day two, she hopped on her private jet and flew to Darwin, then got a helicopter ride to see our famous 'rock' Uluru. While there she caught up with some of the audience guests she's brought with her from the US as well as meeting some Indigenous Australians. Then staying the night in the area at Longitude 131° accommodation.

Today was Melbourne with thousands of fans packed in at Federation Square in the heart of the city. She made a 15 minute public appearance then headed off for a quick shopping trip. It was reported she went to a jewellers in Toorak Rd, Melbourne whom she'd met in Chicago, USA. Then she was onto The Block Arcade in Melbourne (possibly more shopping) and to have a dinner which had been arranged, with some of her audience. Staying tonight in Crown Towers, probably in the presidential villa where Tom and Katie Cruise stayed while Katie was in a film being produced here July 2009.

Oprah's certainly seeing some good spots and staying at some lovely places while she's here. Perhaps not your typical holiday tour for the average tourist, but it's definitely an exciting one. Here's the second edition of her stay here which featured on the Today show this morning in Australia.

Tomorrow she's off to Sydney and will climb the Harbour Bridge over the weekend. One of my friends has done this and she raves about it.

Stay tuned for more on Oprah's adventures in Australia... here's another clip on today's visit to Melbourne as featured on one of our news shows.

Oprah in Melbourne


gracie said...

lots of excitement...

Tanya said...

Very exciting!!


Melissa said...

How exciting! She was mentioned in our local news too. I remembered the show where she picked the people to go to Oz - it's a wonder no one had a heart attack!