Saturday, December 05, 2009

So Indecisive

I'm having trouble trying to work out which way to go with Snow Fairy. After consideration on the white thread, I'd decided to go with DMC 712 (instead of 3865). I pondered over people's suggestion of Weeks Whitewash, but thought it was still too bright for the look I wanted. So last night I got everything out to make a start.

I'm working on 35ct Weeks Parchment Linen which is paler than the Dirty Linen that the chart calls for, and stitching 1 over 2. As I began stitching with the 712 thread, I began thinking that maybe it was too light! The thread that is. Then I thought maybe it's not the thread, and perhaps I need to change the fabric! What a state I was getting myself into. I'm still not 100% sure which way I'll go (although I do have an idea), but this was as far as I got with it. Really shows the amount of thinking I was doing, instead of stitching. :)

Miss Snow Fairy - started (maybe) 4 December 2009

The chart is in colour which is fantastic. It really makes it easy to know which colour thread to look for. I also noticed, that on the chart itself they've called it Miss Snow Flurry. Don't know whether this is a printing error or whether it's deliberate. I think the Flurry suits it better really. So stick with me to see which direction I take this project in. You'll never know which way it will end up! (I bet Tina's not having this much trouble with hers.)

I've mentioned previously that I was waiting for some new stash to arrive. It showed up on Thursday. All Shepherd's Bush kits that I bought online from The Rocking Horse. Barb had a sale on with 20% off, so I took advantage of this. She always puts a sale on before Christmas, so it's a good opportunity to buy gifts for others or even for yourself. These are all for myself this time. (If you want to know when she has her sales on, you need to join their email list.)

Shepherd's Bush kits (from bottom left clockwise) - Finch Song, Holly And Ivy, Into The Night, Thanks A Lot, Patriotic Snowman, and in front Remember.

Holly And Ivy's one of their new ones, with Patriotic Snowman an older one. Thanks A Lot was what I was going to do if it had have arrived earlier. I wanted to do this one over the Thanksgiving period. We don't celebrate this holiday in Australia but I feel like we do in a way through stitching. Lots of American holidays are celebrated through their cross stitch patterns. The SB Thanks A Lot kit could be thanks for any occasion though.

Well I mustn't stay on this computer for too long if I want to try to work out what to do with Miss Snow Fairy. Wish me luck!


JOLENE said...

Decisions, decision, decisions.....what could be harder??? Too many choices! I think if you stick with the lighter linen and one strand of thread if will have a softer look than the one pictured. What kind of look are you after?

Jane said...

Jolene, I was after a softer look. I just hope it's not too soft. :)

Theresa said...

poundering the choices is the most difficult part!! There's just too many out there!!!

Lois said...

It's horrible when you're working on something and you just don't feel it's 'right'. I find that once you do start to question it it will tend to catch your eye every time. Of course, that doesn't help in the slightest with your decision of which colour to go with!

What lovely SB goodies you've added to your stash! I'd be hard-pressed to decide which one to start on first!

Hazel said...

I think I would try 2x2 as it might show up a bit more. It looks lovely anyway! x

Loraine said...

I really like the 712 on your linen. Perhaps you could stitch with 2 strands. Would that make it too heavy for the look you want? At any rate, I'm still sewing for Christmas, so no stitching fun for me today.
I hope you figure out what to do. Tina's looks much lighter than the picuture. I think they used overdyed threads in their store model. Next time I'm down there, I will ask for you.
Have a great weekend!
BTW I love the stash! Woohoo, Christmas comes early at your house!

Deb said...

Don't you just hate when you can't decide on something! You spend more time thinking about it and second quessing yourself than actually stitching. Hope that you got it figured out and are well on your way stitching this piece.

And I love all your stash. The Rocking Horse is just about the only cross stitch store around me anymore. I must have missed their sale - always a good time to stock up. They have a wonderful store - floor to ceiling with stitched models. Perhaps I should post pictures on my blog at some point. They seem to be heavily into the SB pieces so it's always nice to see how they really look. Very enabling is all I can say.

Kath said...

I love this pattern Jane, and I think it is meant to be a very soft pattern with the colours used. Go with your gut feeling is all I can say. The 712 will look good.
Will follow progress.
Gorgeous stash! I must bookmark the Rocking Horse.

Cari said...

So many choices - I hope you find what you are looking for, I'm sure it will be lovely!

Your new stash is wonderful, enjoy your weekend.