Thursday, December 10, 2009

Not a lot to show

I've completed the border and have been working on the snow hill of Miss Snow Fairy. No matter how quick you think hills will be, they always end up taking forever to do! Not that I've put a lot of time into this piece so far. A couple of hours here and there. Somehow though, I think it will take longer to do than I had first imagined. All good things come to those who wait, they say. I may start on some colours next to bring a bit of interest to it. Different colours always make things come to life.

Miss Snow Fairy - 8 December 2009

Hopefully my next progress picture will be a bit more interesting.


Danielle said...

Any progress is progress, though, right?

dixiesamplar said...

Love the festive blog background...really gets you in the spirit!

Baby Bug Ball turned out beautifully! I love it! And the new project looks to be just as lovely.

Good luck with it!

Barb said...

I am sure it will be as delightful as your other stitching . I just love Charlotte and Sophie they are so pretty.

marylin said...

Good evening always so much pleasure to come to see your blog! That I like very much! I envoye you quite full of kisses of FRANCE best regards marylin

Miss F. dit Soon said...

"All good things come to those who wait" : sure!!! And you're right to start with an other color, it's too boring to stich only one.
I'm sure that your work on Miss Snow Fairy will be fabulous.
Take care & Happy stitching

Natasha-ND said...

I'm assured, following photos will show to us much more!
Happy stitching

Loraine said...

All of my projects take about 10 times longer than I "think" they will! LOL.
You're doing great! Hopefully more time to stitch this weekend.
Love the colors of the wreath. So pretty.
Take Care and hugs!

Lee-Ann said...

Hi Jane,

looking good, I left you a msge on my blog ...