Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Finishes ~ in collage

A few of the ladies are putting up collages of their finishes for the past year. It's a great idea. I did this last year also, so I thought I'd join along and show you my finishes for 2009. Su from Contemplating My Needle And Thread is having a stitching 'year in review' party as well, so make sure to drop by and see her 2009 finishes along with others who have left a link.

2009 Finishes

Now when I say finishes, I don't always mean finished to the end. As in finished off as a pinkeep, needle holder, ornament, etc. They're just my stitchings that I have completed the main design and are waiting to be turned into something or framed. Though there was a couple of pieces I did manage to finish off. Mainly my Stacy Nash 2009 Group kit that I got in January - Heart Pinkeep and Strawberry Emery. Also a French design by Creations de Chrystelle called Chocolat. This one I finished as a mini cushion pinkeep and filled it with dried lavender. My confidence with finishing is not the best, so I usually get the most enjoyment from just stitching a design. One day I'm sure, when I get more creative, I'll have an abundance of needlework on hand that I can turn into pinkeeps and the like.

My favourite stitched pieces for 2009 would probably be the first and last ones I did. Recently is Miss Snow Fairy. This whimsical design was so fun to do. Had a little indecision at first on what thread to use for the white, but after that I was able to enjoy it. The other one I remember loving it at the time (and still do) is Life And Liberty. All the small motifs throughout it were a pleasure to stitch, and I love the person carrying the American flag. Anything with a bit of Americana always captures my eye.

There's others I enjoyed and some that I appreciate more after I've stitched them than during. One that was slightly more of a challenge was Chocolat because I did this, one over one. It seems to take you twice as long to stitch when doing over one I find. It really tests my patience too! Then I just worked out my own way of finishing it into a cushion. I just love the way it's turned out though. So soft and pretty.

It's so nice to go back over the memories that each piece brings with it. Some hold more meaning than others. I must say though that this year has produced the most finishes I have ever done before! When I first started to cross stitch, I would do about one piece a year. This past year I have completed 17 (or 18 if you separate the SN pinkeep and fob). The main thing I can put it down to is the support and interest I get from the people who look and comment on my blog. It's truly inspiring. So I just want to thank you all very much! I've enjoyed stopping by your blogs and seeing the wonderful creativeness out there also. These too are inspiring.

So here we come to the end of another year. May your New Year celebrations be safe and happy, and I wish you all a fantastic 2010! I look forward to seeing some wonderful finishes, from me and you, over the next 12 months.

Happy New Year!!!


Diana said...

Thanks for sharing some of your designs and your thoughts on your finishing and favorites. I think your work is amazing and I look forward to seeing more of your finishes in 2010.

JOLENE said...

Wow Jane, I would say 18 is quite a few! Congrats on setting a personal record. Your collage is beautiful, you have made some lovely pieces during 2009. I have enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing your creative stitching come to life. Looking forward to another great year of stitching in 2010. Wishing you the best your heart desires and a happy and healthy New Year!!!

Cari said...

Jane, I hope you have a wonderful New Year's!

Candi said...

Your finishes are beautiful. I see that you like Shepherd's Bush as much as me. I wish I could make my pictures come out as clear as yours. Is it your camera? Or your photo editor? Because I have a nice camera and it still makes my pieces blurry.
Happy New Year!

Jane said...

Candi, I use Picasa editing to make my photos a little more sharp. I have a link to their site in my sidebar.

Yes, SB are my favourite designers so I always manage to get a few of their patterns done throughout the year.

Happy New Year and thanks for dropping by!

Susimac said...

Happy New Year Jane.

Love your mosaic of your finishes, its a lovely posting you have made I enjoyed reading it.

Hugs Su

Nina said...

Jane, you have wonderful works in this year, I wish you a very happy new year with a lot of beautiful stitchings :)
All my best wishes,

Lois said...

What lovely finishes you have for 2009 Jane. Wishing you health and happiness in 2010 with lots of stitching going on.

MoonBeam said...

I love your collage idea. So beautiful and inspiring. I will have to work toward doing that for 2010, although mine won't be nearly as amazing as yours.

Love your blog and your photography. I check in every time you have a new post, and sometimes more often than that!

Have a healthy and satisfying 2010!


Maggi Co said...

Wow, all your works are beutiful!!!

I like seeing your blog very much. All is wonderful...

Happy New year!!!

Csicsóné-Melinda said...

What lovely finishes you have for 2009 Jane!
Happy New Year!!

Móni said...

Your works are beautiful! I wish additional beautiful works, and happy New Year!

Moni from Hungary

Cherry said...

Dear Jane, you have beautiful works this year, congratulations!
I wish you a happy new year!


Loraine said...

You have been very productive this year! Thanks for inspiring us with your photos. The best on the blogging web!
Take care and many hugs for the new year!

Catherine said...

Thanks for sharing - they all look lovely!

Have a Happy Stitching New Year!

Loreta said...

Happy New Year!

Anne said...

I wish you and your family a happy new year Jane! It's always a pleasure to look at your stitching and to read your blog!

Márti said...

Happy New Year, dear Jane!!

Brigitte said...

Su's party was a great idea. I loved looking all those mosaics and reviews.
Your stitching mosaic looks so great and I can't say what I love most. Probably your Shepherd's Bush pieces.
May the new year bring you a lot of stitching time and some more SB kits, lol. Happy 2010.

Miss F. dit Soon said...

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful photos and mosaics of your work...
I wish you an happy stitching New Year.
Take care.

Nieves Mª said...

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