Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just the fun bits to go

Sorry I haven't posted until now. Things have been fairly busy lately and I haven't had the proper time. Bet you've all been wondering where I've got to with BBB? Well, I still have some more to do but I'm down to the decorating, shall I say, with it. The bugs need antennae, a few bees flying around, and some beading and buttons are still to be added.

I've had a hard time trying to get good colouring when taking photos of this one, so for this post I have resorted back to my scanner for the picture. I was able to work on it last Friday and Saturday nights and have managed to get all the bugs completed (apart from a few little extra bits).

Baby Bug Ball - 21 November 2009

My stitching friend who worked with me on this, Loraine, has managed to do so well with hers and has finished it. It was such a pleasure to share this project with you Loraine, and maybe we can do another some day. Please drop by her blog to see her finished piece of Bug Ball, along with another Shepherd's Bush winter sampler which is so cute. Both are beautifully stitched pieces. Well done, Loraine! (You know I secretly envy her because she lives so close to my favourite designers, Shepherd's Bush, and can drop by their enchanting shop at a whim. What a dream that must be, I can only imagine.)

Well, enough dreaming for now. I have a stash order that should arrive any day, which will have my next project in it. Sometimes you know exactly what to do next and other times you don't get the inspiration so easily.

Looks like I'll be waiting til the weekend to finish BBB so please watch out for my finished photos. Don't you love that sense of accomplishment that comes from another finish?

Happy stitching everyone!


Julia said...


Cari said...

Jane - it is such a pretty piece. Can't wait for you to put the finishing touches on and show off your completion.

Enjoy your week.

Lee said...

This just gets prettier and prettier! Nice work.

Stitch Wizard said...

BBB is really pretty! I love looking at your work on SB projects and want to do one soon!! Your stitching is really awesome!

marylin said...

Hello, what a marvel, I like your realizations all some more beautiful than the others! That of beautiful projects best regards marylin

Miss F. dit Soon said...

Wonderful !
I'm fond of SB and more I look your progress, more I'm addicted !!
Take care.

Susan said...

I can't wait to see your finish, Jane! Congratulations on being so close to another gorgeous finish!

Melissa said...

B-B-B-eautiful! You're almost done then you can take a well deserved bow! And you have some stash to look forward to! I got my order of floss today so I was happy too!

Loraine said...

Only the fun stuff left! (Just don't break your little crow in two, like I did! LOL) It looks wonderful! You are great with a needle.
I hope you come and visit me in Utah someday, and then we can go to SB together. You would love it! Such nice staff, always willing to find what you need.
I'll have to take my camera and give you a virtual tour next time.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Do you celebrate that in Australia?
I'm guessing it's probably a different day than ours.
Take Care, and many hugs!

Jane said...

Thanks for all your nice comments. I'm happy to say that I've finished off BBB this afternoon, and I'll take some photos and show you on my next post.

Loraine, I didn't break the crow in half, thankfully. I did drop all my beads and buttons from the bag they came in though, and they landed beside me on the couch and fell down the side of it! What a sight it was with me trying to retrieve them! I knew I should have put them into a bowl first. We don't have Thanksgiving here in Australia, and I would love to come visit some day. We'd go wild in the SB shop!!!!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your piece looks great!