Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Feast For The Eyes ~ New Stash!

Yes, a little more stash has come my way. A couple were limited edition so I decided to get them now instead of being disappointed when they were no longer available.

(from bottom left) Shepherd's Bush - Scaredy Sheep Scissor Fob kit, Here We Go A Haunting kit, and La D Da A - Bird In Hand kit

Firstly I'm going to show you the SB limited edition folk art box which has inside their kit for Here We Go A Haunting.

It's a wooden box painted black outside, and has on the top of the lid a picture of the stitched piece.

Inside has the kit which includes chart, fabric, threads, and a button.

The kit comes with the limited edition box for a short time only for no extra cost than the kit itself, but beware, some shops have already sold their supplies of it. I got mine from Stitching Bits and Bobs.

Next is also a SB kit called Scaredy Sheep. This is a scissor fob and is a companion to Here We Go A Haunting. The witchy scissors don't come with the kit but you can order them separately from the Shepherd's Bush girls or other needlework shops may have them too. These I will definitely have to get in the future.

Lastly is a new release from La D Da called A Bird In Hand. Again, they have brought it out in a limited edition kit including 35ct WDW Straw fabric, Needlepoint Inc. silk threads, and hand-made cord to turn it into a cushion, along with finishing instructions. The fabric and threads have lovely warm tones and I've tried to take pictures to show the real colour of them. I think I've achieved that.

I'm really pleased with all of these. The only down side to them is that they increase the chances of choosing my next project that much more harder. :) Not sure whether I'll do another Halloween one this time of the year though.

I went to see The Time Traveler's Wife last night and thought it was really good. I usually see romantic comedies, so this one was a change to that, although there was still the romance to it. Loved Eric Bana's part and Rachel McAdams did a wonderful job too (I liked her in Wedding Crashers). You had to keep on your toes with it because of the time travel but the linkage was done well and you knew what was happening.

Well, the weather here is going crazy. It's decided it wants to be summer and we're in a mini heat wave (low 30s) compared to what we've had lately. There's been limited spring weather, so we're not really prepared for this heat. Melbourne is renowned for it's unpredictable weather though so it's not surprising. The best part is that we've had some really good Spring rain and the gardens are growing like mad. It's been a while since this has happened. Our poor gardens have just been trying to survive, let alone thriving.

Just having a quiet day today. The pussy cats are taking it easy too. They've been flaked out on the floor because of the weather. I don't blame them really.

I'll try to get some more stitched on BBB. Nothing more since my last progress on it. I better get cracking though, otherwise it will be Christmas already and I'll still be working on Halloween!

Take care all and happy stitching. ~x~x~x


Theresa said...

Great stash!!!! That box is amazing!!!!!!

Ronel said...

Love all the patterns. The box is exquisite. Enjoy stitching them! Regards Ronel, Cape Town, South Arica

Brigitte said...

Oh Jane, I love your new stash. It's a dream, really. I particularly love the LA-D-DA kit, I'll ave to go and see how to get it. Thanks for enabling me, lol.

Nina said...

Oh Jane this is a wonderful stash!! I can't wait to see your progress on them :)
I've never seen any LDD kitted before, these silk look yummi!!

Isadarena said...

Wonderful stash Jane : the box is just amazing !!!
I am thinking exactly like you : the weather is really getting crazy all around the world :-(
Have a great Sunday,

mollycaff said...

Wonderful stash! It must have been a lot of fun to open your mail that day, especially the kit for Here We Go A Haunting. I think my favourite is the La D Da kit.

Natasha-ND said...

Many thanks for your warm comment, Jane. Excuse me please that I long did't look in your blog. The embroidery of your mum is magnificent! Your new stash is perfect. Also I wish to thank you for the link on Stitching Bits and Bobs. It is one of few shops in whom I could find of what for a long time dreamt. And to pay the order PayPal - me approaches only this system of payment. Certainly, now the choice of the following embroidery will be a little inconvenient to you :o). But you are right. Then you will not regret that has not bought these kits in time. Happy stitching and greetings to kitties!
P.S. I have the new nick name (or "user name"???) - Natasha-ND

Julia said...

I love all your new kits - particularly the La D Da one!

Good to hear about 'The Time Travellers Wife' film, as I'm reading that at the moment and was wondering about going to see the film!


Helena said...

This is a wonderful stash!!!!!!!!!!

Anne said...

Wonderful new stash Jane! The SB box is really beautiful, I also like the la d da kit, it must be so difficult to choose between all this beauties what to stitch next!
Have a nice sunday

Love to Stitch said...

Yeah! I love stash in the mail! The SB kit is fabulous!! Love the little box. La D Da is one of my favorite designers, and the colors in this one are amazing!! I am going to have to start that one soon! Which one are you going to start next?!!

Love to Stitch said...

Yeah! I love stash in the mail! The SB kit is fabulous!! Love the little box. La D Da is one of my favorite designers, and the colors in this one are amazing!! I am going to have to start that one soon! Which one are you going to start next?!!

~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Hi Jane, I've been hopeless La D Da addict since day one, but have never seen a La D Da kit before, who knew. This one is surely a treasure, lucky you! TFS:)

Sweet Stitchin...

Dovilė said...

wow what a lovely new stash! enjoy:)

Deb said...

Such great stash. You and I have a lot of the same tastes. I just bought the LDD piece and hemmed and hawed about the SB box. Now I think I'm going to have to order it! I love it!! Now, which one are you going to start next???

Miss F. dit Soon said...

I love all your new kits, in particular the scissor fob and the witchy scissors !

Melissa said...

Ooooh, LOvE the stash! How scrumptious are they! That box is calling to me but I like boxes in general so they are dangerous to me in that I buy them and don't really use them. This one has the great design outside though.

The LDD piece is beautifully presented isn't it, the way the floss are tied with a ribbon. You almost don't want to untie them!

Melbourne weather sounds similar to here in terms of unpredictability though I still think you generally get more moderate weather if agapanthus can grow outside!

Anyway I'd better go & post and ramble there instead of here! Have fun playing with the new stash!

marylin said...

Hello, what a beautiful limps! I like very much the style! As one treasures in bientot best regards marylin

Moni said...

This new stash is a feast for my eyes, too! We have the same taste and I always love to see your stash and projects! All your blog is always a feast for my eyes.
I am so sorry I do not leave comments so often (I am afraid I am a very bad blogger...), yet I visit your blog every day and, hopeful, check if there is a new post there. Reading your blog and admiring your needleworks, WIPS and stash is a real pleasure to me! Thank you for sharing and for being a better blogger than I am!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful eye candy Jane. I should be 'doing other things' but have somehow done a wander today and just found you. I love cross-stitch and yours are so good. I love them. Also love cats and your mags.
We are in the process of building a house at the moment and I hope to semi-retire and do more sewing and painting and gardening then - will need to live well and long as have been trying to retire for years but still seem to spend too much time on the computer for the serious stuff and time with grandchildren - but I love all that part!
Oh well one can dream, and I look at your creations and enjoy the dreaming. It has inspired me to go and get back to my stitching. House building is so intense that I had to make myself concentrate on that to move it along, or we would be living in temporary accommodation for ever!
Blessings and keep up the lovely 'work' Barb Qld