Sunday, February 24, 2008

When is enough really enough?

Never - if you're talking about needlework.

Mum and Dad visited yesterday, and Mum started talking to me about needlework, as I had printed up some pictures of designs she might like to purchase in the future. We were discussing how much other people buy (probably trying to justify what we buy) and Mum said how addictive it can be. There's always new patterns, threads, kits, etc. that catch your eye and you just have to have it. It doesn't matter if you already have enough in your stash, you just have to keep adding to it. There's plenty there to last a few lifetimes, but as soon as you see something new that you like, that little voice inside your head says 'you've got to get it!'.

I think a lot of us hide behind the idea that it's a 'hobby', which of course it is, but it can also be called an addiction. Saying this though, if it's my addiction in life, then I'm quite happy with that. It's not bad for my health (maybe my finance health though), I can enjoy it on my own or with friends, it doesn't harm anyone else, and you've always got some sort of result at the end of your own work.

Here's to everyone's needlework addiction, and the joy it gives us. Enjoy the ride!

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Chrissie said...

Jane, I agree. I have so many charts and so much stash that I could never ever manage to use it all, but then something new will come out and yes, I have to have that as well:) What a great hobby we have.