Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I told a lie

Hi, I must admit that in my last post I mentioned I'd finished my Picasa albums, but after looking over them again and checking with my Epson albums, I've discovered that I missed some. The ones I've forgotten about are my non SB stitching, Mum's non SB stitching, and my UFO's. So bare with me, and I'll get those added soon. My UFO's are also in my WIPs Archive album which have photos of all my stitching progress over time.

I've been searching the net again on the weekend and came across a site that had some music playing on it. I scrolled down and found they had an iPod on their page. There was a link to the site where you can download one youself, so that's what I've done. You can make up your own - style, colour, etc., then add your songs. I've added some songs to mine (including a few Aussie ones), so it gives you an idea of what music I like.

I'm totally amazed what you can do on the net.

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