Saturday, January 28, 2006

Better late than never!

Well, here's Millennium Child in 2006! Doesn't really matter what year you do some of these things, does it?

This is a shop exclusive kit from Shepherd's Bush which is only available if you order direct from their shop (makes sense). I did a big buy up last year and ordered a few of their SE kits. Bought their 2005 scissor/fob which I haven't done yet. Another one that won't get done in the actual year it's meant to.

I'm cruising along just nicely with my finishes lately. Things will slow down from now on. It's back to work on Monday, so the normal routine will kick in. Not as much needlework time I'm afraid.

The next piece I'm thinking of doing is SB (who else) Heart Treat Bag for Valentines day. I hope to have it finished by then. Let's just see, shall we? ...

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