Saturday, February 18, 2006

New SB releases!

I've just been prowling the SB site and discovered they have some new goodies out. They've been a bit quiet lately with their releases, but it's always worth the wait when they do show their new items. Now, what takes my fancy out of these? I do like Love Letters kit. A bit like Thoughtful Heart, only on a smaller scale and in the shape of a heart. Floral Heart kit looks like a cute little design (what I enjoy stitching at the moment). Eggs chart captures my eye as well. Easter designs are always happy looking. Better put them down for a future stash enhancement!

Since going back to work, I haven't done any stitching, which I'm not too impressed with. Haven't even started Heart Treat Bag, so I may give that one a miss for a while. Won't say what I'll do next, or when I'll do it. Just have to see what time I get in the near future.

I've been taking a couple of dancing lessons with my sister lately. Latin, which seems to be the most popular dance at the moment. Mainly concentrating on the steps rather than the moves first. Think I'll need a few lessons to get the swing of it though!

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