Sunday, September 04, 2016

Six Months Until 'I Do'

It's six months today until I get married! We have rented a house for three nights, which is where we will stay for the weekend of our wedding. We will be able to: prepare for the wedding, have the ceremony, enjoy a cocktail reception afterwards, and relax with family/friends, all at the one place. Some guests will also be able to stay at the accommodation together with us. It will be a small, intimate wedding of only 30 people. Just immediate family and a few friends. The property is on five acres, and has a pool and tennis court. It used to be a rural farm and has been converted to current style accommodation. It's very private and countrified. Perfect to relax and enjoy the celebrations of a weekend long, wedding.
A lot of things have been booked. Apart from the venue, our celebrant, photographer, caterers, flowers, and of course the all important dress have been selected. Even our wedding rings are ready! My dress has arrived in store, and I go for my first fitting on the 19th of this month.
flower bouquet from Hello Blossoms - our wedding florist

Raffaele Ciuca - where I've bought my wedding dress

My stitching these days has had to be put aside. I will definitely get back into it one day. My time at the moment doesn't allow the luxury of my hobby. There will be a chance in the future for me to be able to pick up needle and thread again. I look forward to when this day will come.

Happy stitching, my friends!  


Mary said...

So pleased to see a post from you Jane. What a very exciting time for you - your plans sound delightful and I am sure the six months will just fly by. My very best wishes to you.

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

How wonderful to see a post from you, Jane! I've missed your beautiful stitching, photos and your wit! Many blessings to you on your upcoming wedding with all my best wishes!

Melissa said...

Funny, I was just thinking of you last week and wondering how you were doing. Congrats on how well things are progressing to your big day! All the best!

Cathy Lloyd said...

Congratulations Jane! Sounds like everything is going perfect for the wedding! Can't wait to see pictures from the lovely day!

Ginny Westover said...

Congratulations. So happy to see you are blogging again. Hope you will share some of your wedding pictures.