Saturday, April 19, 2014

Shepherd's Bush Fold

As a big Shepherd's Bush fan, I'd be expected to join the 2014 Shepherd's Bush Fold, wouldn't I?  Yes, well I did succumb to the temptation and finally joined through The Silver Needle recently.  Last Thursday I received my first and starting kit in the mail.  As well as a few other SB kits to make the purchase even more exciting.
They always package things so nicely.  It seems a shame to open up the package.
Here's what was inside...
Fours kits, including the Fold kit.

First kit in the Shepherd's Bush Fold - A Full Heart
 A Tisket, A Tasket
Bee Blessings
Wisteria Snowman
In my last post I mentioned that I had purchased some stash at The Silver Needle's New Year's Eve sale.  I'll try to post some photos of what I got next time.  Sorry that I haven't got around to doing this yet. I'm lucky to be posting this one, as tomorrow I'm heading off with my fiance to visit his parents in country Victoria for Easter.  So I thought I'd post this while I had the chance.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter break and gets the chance to catch up with family or friends.  I'm sure there'll be a little chocolate mixed in there somewhere.  Happy Easter and thanks for stopping by.


Barb said...

Hi there Jane, Wow what a lucky girl you are, I love SB and have got some to do but ....I think you may have started something. Will have to bend the other halfs ear!!
Did you get the box too. I shall look forward to seeing your other stash too. Better get a blindfold hmmm. Hope you had a lovely Easter away and not too much chocolate!
Hugs from the UK.

Ma Teakettle said...

Hmmm, been thinking about joining too, but haven't done so yet, but I keep seeing everyone's arrivals and it all looks so wonderful…
I love reading that he is now your fiancé! I am so happy for you, Jane, and send hugs for a very happy Easter.

dixiesamplar said...

Just caught up with your last few happy to have back in blogland, Jane! Love the Christmas gift from is gorgeous and so sweet :-) and your SB club kits are beautiful!! Enjoy your visit and have a very Happy Easter!!

Jane said...

Thanks ladies for your comments. It's so nice that after such neglect to my blog, people are still interested to look at it.
Barb, I didn't get the box for the fold kit as I thought it was too expensive for my budget. I'll try to find a cheaper version in the future.

Blu said...

What gorgeous stash!

Kath said...

Hi Jane so good to see you again! I am still waiting for my fold to arrive, from the Silver Needle also. I have set up a Sal if you would like to join... or just email me.

Congratulations on your engagement too, fantastic news.

Beth said...

What to stitch next? How hard to chose!

Melissa said...

Wonderful stash, Jane! It looks like you are inching back to stitching!?

Tammy said...

I want that Wisteria Snowman so bad-just too cute! I hope you are well Jane and enjoying life!

Isadarena said...

Hi Jane, it is wonderful to can read a new post from you :)
As you, I love shepherd's bush designs: I have the last design to stitch....and also the Sampler gratitude :)
I wish you a nice week,

Ginny Westover said...

Are you still there? I keep checking the blog. MIs also the update on the kitties.