Saturday, March 20, 2010

A New Start ~ Ah, 'Tis Spring

You can tell I'm back at work now - less blogging and stitching time. I'm happy to say though that I've started on Ah, 'Tis Spring and have chosen to do it on a 35ct Linen (322). This is a rich, butter yellow. I had the choice of 28ct Alabaster also but I was drawn to the warm tone of the butter colour. Unfortunately the photos don't show its true colour very well.

So I made a start on Wednesday but after getting everything sorted out first (cutting fabric, bagging threads, counting to starting position), I didn't get very far with my stitching. Only a couple of rows at the bottom.

Ah, 'Tis Spring - started 17 March 2010

Then I got a little more progress done last night. Some more of the grass and there's some carrots popping up throughout. I'm stitching this using 1 over 2 threads. The threads are a variety of brands and it's a conversion from the DMC listed in the chart (not my conversion though).

19 March 2010

And lastly is a few charts I received in the mail yesterday. They're by Stone & Thread and the main one I was wanting was Garden Flowers but saw the other two and liked them.

Stone & Thread - Live Humbly, Hoppity, and Garden Flowers

I did receive some more stash from Country Stitches recently when they had a Valentines sale. I may show that another time though.

The weather here has been lovely lately. Autumn can be the most settled time of the year, with warm temperatures without being too hot here. Though last year we didn't get much Autumn weather sadly. Anyway, today I've been busy out in the garden, doing some minor pruning and tidying up. I'm finally getting my garden into some sort of order and it's a nice feeling. I've planted a few more plants recently, I have some more to be planted, and I've purchased a couple of rose bushes to put in the garden. Roses are what I'm wanting to get more of. I love their hardiness, the blooms, and I'd like to be able to cut their flowers to bring inside. Wonderfully scented varieties I like, and I just adore David Austin roses with their multiple petals. I'm always drawn to the pink ones too. It's funny, I love pink these days, but I never used to be fussed about it when I was growing up. Our tastes do change over the years.

So many thanks for dropping by my corner of the world and many happy stitches!


Isadarena said...

Jane, it is a lovely design :-)
Happy Spring ,

Deb said...

I love your new start. I was thinking of taking that pattern and doing it as a hooked rug. I've seen one in progress and it's beautiful. And your stitched piece is going to be beautiful, as always!

Sweet William Primitives said...

Love this one to Jane! (:

Loraine said...

I'm so glad you chose to go with the butter yellow! This piece is looking wonderful all ready! I haven't started mine yet, as I received a surprise in the mail to start working on. I also have several quilts in the works right now. I'm keeping the old sewing machine busy.
Have a great weekend. I love the new stash!

Melissa said...

Well, you've survived your first week back and I think that's the hardest hurdle!

Your new start has lots of lovely colours, dare I sing "Spring" colours? Great stash too.

I love David Austin roses. Can't get enough of them! Our weather is still cool at nights. I even had to scrape frost off my car yesterday morning! But I hope to get some gardening in this weekend.

I've been meaning to tell you that I love your new blog header!

Enjoy your weekend, Jane!

clob said...

your new start xxx for spring saison is lovely !!!
i love to David austen rose
i have 5 roses ans i love it in my garden

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Fabulous wips, Jane and the springy colors are so pretty. I've been in a pink transition lately myself.... just love it! Like Melissa, I forgot to say how much I love your new header - very pretty!

staci said...

Love your sweet new project! And your scissors and fob are gorgeous!!!

Catherine said...

Your entire blog - the background, the new header, the beautiful stitching is all so pink and springy!! LOVE IT!

Robin said...

i love your blog; your projects are wonderful and your pics are perfect!! How do you make your photo collage for your blog? I'd love to be able to do that...thanks for any info.


Nicole said...

Beautiful start Jane!! This is such a sweet design! :)

Lee-Ann said...

lovely Jane, and love the selection of your charts, some I have never seen before which have now been added to my wish lists..bad girl Jane, and thanks for comments on my blog xxx

Márti said...

This is the bunny I love it! Beautiful colors!

poussy stiches my love said...

Hello which beautiful beginning! This rabbit is magnificent, I like this blog there is always good ideas, colors are there soft there, pastel finally it is a delight for eyes!
With all my friendship

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a fantastic start! The colours look great.

Hilda said...

Your new WIP looks very pretty, Jane, I am looking forward to seeing how it grows!

Hugs from Austria

Susan said...

Very cute design, Jane!