Thursday, February 25, 2010

Linen & Nashville

I bought some linens recently from Wyndham Needleworks since they were on special. Mostly R & R linens as they're not always available 'on hand' at a lot of needlework shops. You know, I find it hard to buy linens online because sometimes when you receive them the colour looks different to what you were expecting. Overall I'm quite happy with these.

Top to Bottom - R & R Reproductions 35ct Kansas City Blend, 35ct Liberty Gathering Gray, 40ct Liberty Gathering Gray, and 32ct Zweigart Golden Sand

Left to Right - R & R Reproductions 30ct Mink, and 35ct Park City Blend

It's nice to have a few linens on hand to go with a new project. Keep in mind though that R & R linens tend to be on the stiff side.

Now onto Nashville Market. I'm sure most of you are up to date with what's been released by now? So what's your favourites? I absolutely love SB Blue Snowman!!! I'm a real sucker for these snowmen series they do and this one is just gorgeous.

Other favourites of the new releases are:

SB - My Land, Liberty Pincushion, Liberty Scissor Fob, and Lucky Sheep
BBD - Honeysuckle Manor book, and Snow Garden
SHAKESPEAR'S PEDDLER - Jenny Bean's Humble Servant Sampler

They're the main ones I like. I'm not going to race out and get them now though. I can wait.

Onto my SAL with Melissa. I really didn't get much done yesterday as I didn't have a lot of free time. I've stitched a few letters to the left of the woman and made a start on the tree. Melissa hasn't been feeling the best so she didn't get a lot done either. Hopefully she'll be feeling better soon and next time I'll have some pictures to show.


Анна - Зонт said...

Beautiful linens! I love their colours!
My favourites of the new releases are Lucky Sheep (!) and My Land..
They are so nice...

Danielle said...

I love SB's My Land, Lucky Sheep and Blue Snowman as well. I will be going to my LNS this Saturday for their Market Day and I hope to pick up these three kits. I love the snowman series too. I have all of them so far, although not stitched. R&R linen is great also. My favorite is Iced Cappuccino.

Petites xxx et Cie ! Mon petit coin de Paradis said...

I'm fond of SB and I love the snowmen series (I have the red, the green and purple snowman, just miss the blue one!). I love all their new releases too.
I haven't stitch on R&R linen, so I can't tell my favorite one... the only thing I can say is that I love stitching on 40 ct linen.
Have a nive day and sorry for my bad english (I try to be better next time!!!)

Nancy said...

Lovely linens! I like the stiffness of R&R linens, and the colors are so pretty.

Isn't Blue Snowman wonderful? I also love all the new releases by Blackbird Designs!

Catherine said...

Love the linen stash!!

There is so much from market that I like, I won't be able to get it all at once.

Melissa said...

Lovely linens, Jane! It's nice to have a stash of various linens available, isn't it?

I love that Blue Snowman too. There are loads of nice things from Nashville Market this time! hooray!

I'm feeling a bit better but still more tired than I think I should be. Oh well.

Ann at Prairie Primrose said...

I am always inspired to start cross stitching again after visiting your blog. I love that SB Snowman. it's too bad quilting gets in my way...but maybe it's time to pick up a different kind of needle! Thanks for the inspiration!

Brigitte said...

These fabrics look great, I love the colours you chose.
Yes, the SB snowman series is just gorgeous. It's fun to see what new colour they come up with.