Monday, September 01, 2008

A special find

Over the weekend I drove to a local town to pick up some things I needed for my holiday. While there I went to a shop that sells homewares/gifts which I like to browse in whenever I get the opportunity. I discovered on this visit a beautiful table lamp which I fell in love with. I didn't have any lamps in my bedroom and have been looking for years to find the right one, at the right price. Now I have found it! I ended up getting two of them for both bedside tables. They have an antique white base and shade with a French look to them. My bedroom is in a shabby chic style, so these lamps suit it well. I'm very happy with them.

It just goes to show, keep looking and eventually you'll find what you're after.


Yuko said...

This lamp is absolutely gorgeous!
Stunning and so romantic.
I'm happy to hear that you found the right pair, finally!

Loreta said...

Beautiful lamps! I like them so much!