Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm back from my trip

Hi everyone! I got back Saturday morning from my holiday and what a change it is coming back to normality from where I've been. The Cook Islands is a beautiful place to visit. Tourism is their number one source of income but it is still in it's early stages, so it's not an overly touristy place to visit. There are a number of places to stay at ranging from budget accommodation to luxury. Their way of life is simple and slow paced, and they are very friendly people.

The weather was beautiful for most of the time we were there, bar a few days at the end when it turned a bit cooler (still warm compared to Melbourne) and there was more rain than the whole time we'd been there. I went with my sister, and we spent five nights in Raratonga (the main island), three nights in Aitutaki (stayed at a resort just off the this island), then back to another resort in Raratonga for six nights. So relaxing, especially in Aitutaki where we stayed at a resort on it's own island. Fewer people there and you virtually had a beach area to yourself.

We didn't get to do everything we wanted, and it's definitely somewhere I'd like to go back again. Here's some pictures of the different places we saw, and I've placed more in an album for you to look at.'

Aitutaki lagoon - aerial view
Honeymoon Island - taken on a day trip
Muri lagoon - the last place we stayed at


Chrissie said...

Welcome back Jane. Glad you had a lovely holiday and it certainly looks a lovely place. Love that blue water.

Nicole said...

Welcome Home Jane!!! I've missed you! Wow, it looks like you had a blast on your vacation. The Cook Islands are beautiful! Paradise!

Ginnie said...

Wow it looks a great place, lovely sands and blue seas!!

Yuko said...

Welcome back, Jane!
What a beautiful island it is!!
I think that Australia has also so many beautiful beaches, but the Cook Islands also has so beautiful beaches!!
Ohhh, I'm jealous!

Tammy said...

Oh my goodness! Your photos are awe inspiring. The ocean is so gorgeous. I'll be back to your blog for sure!

Loreta said...

We miss you Jane! What a fantastic photos with magnificient views!

Ginte said...

Oh, my God! Having such an adorable views around I wouldn't manage to stitch either:) Thanks a lot for sharing those wonderful photos. I've hope you've had a perfect holidays.

Ninnu said...

Very beautiful photos!