Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year! ~ 2010 In Review

I hope you all had a wonderful Xmas filled with special moments of family and dear friends near by. Mine was with family, catching up, spent mostly outdoors since it was a lovely mild day.

The New Year has arrived in Australia and I shared the occasion with my sister, celebrating. We were both going to be on our own (which doesn't bother me) but decided to share the festivities together. A little bubbly and nibbles to help us enjoy the lead up to the New Year. We were going to watch When Harry Met Sally on dvd but it wasn't working properly, so watched the tv instead. I love watching this movie around New Year so it was a little disappointing we couldn't.

I thought I'd show you a collage of my year's work for 2010. Unfortunately I didn't get as much done during this year. My stitching mojo just seemed to vanish. Don't know how 2011 will go since I have other things going on at the moment (which I may tell you about at a later date). In all, I managed to get five projects completed.

EWE EYE & FRIENDS - Angel In Your Heart

My favourite for the year would have to have been Be Kind & Be True. I did this one as a SAL with Melissa earlier in the year. I loved working on it and it was fun knowing Melissa was sharing the enjoyment of stitching this along with me.

Thank you all for stopping by during the past year, I know I've been a bit quiet over the months. Be assured I'm still thinking of you all and enjoy seeing what everyone's creating. You're all so very talented out there:)

HAPPY NEW YEAR ~ 2011!!!


Susan said...

I loved seeing your "Be Kind & Be True" - I might have to stitch that one myself (one day).

I'm sorry that you didn't get to watch your DVD to ring in the New Year - we're still a few hours away from the New Year, but as we spent the past couple of days traveling, I doubt I will be awake at midnight!

Happy New Year, Jane - I hope 2011 is filled with much happiness and stitching time for you!

Mary said...

Happy New Year Jane
I hope 2011 is filled with everything you're hoping for, but especially the return of your stitching mojo. I look forward to seeing what you get up to.

Yuko said...

Happy New Year, dear Jane!
I love you and Melissa's works very much!
I'm going to stitch "Santa" by With Thy Needle & Thread that you and I traded, this year!!

I wish a very wonderful new year to you!!



Irlik said...

Happy New Year!!!

Nina said...

Happy New Year filled with all the best, Jane :)

Hilda said...

Dear Jane!

Happy New Year full of creativity and wonderful stitching hours!
I love your blog!

Best Wishes

Anne said...

I wish you a happy new year Jane! (and to Charlotte and Sophie of course!!) I'm looking forward to seeing your stitching or other crafts throughout 2011!!

Márti said...

Dear Jane!
Happy New Year!
Bye, Márti

Melissa said...

Dear Jane,

The finishes are all beautiful and so you! I know you are disappointed that you haven't felt like stitching for awhile. It will come back. I think the remedy is to do another SAL (ha ha). I not only promise not to go so fast, but I can't due to my neck/back situation. Anyway, think about it.

Happy New Year! (I'll email you before I head back to work.)

Nieves Mª said...




joolzmac said...

Happy New Year! I have resolved to try and do more cross stitching this year - time will tell I guess!

Cheers - Joolz

Anonymous said...

Hello Jane~I found your blog while you were stitching Be Kind and Be True..your stitching is beautiful!
Sending you wishes for a blessed new year filled with new opportunities for stitching and anything else your heart holds!
warm regards~Kathy

Colleen said...

A very Happy New Year to You. Loved seeing your finishes. I'm stitching 'Ah, Tis Spring', in 2011in SB colors, because of your posts. Love SB & Miss Bunny. Thank you Jane

Just Me and My Shadow said...

Happy New Year Jane. I know what you mean about the 'stitching mojo' as I went through the same thing for quite a while last year but it does come back eventually and I am back into my stitching again. Hope you will be too when the time is right.


Susimac said...

A VERY VERY Happy New Year to you Jane, thankyou forsharing your review and showing us your beautiful stitching its always a pleasure to read you


Bea de Caracas said...

Happy New Year to you, dear Jane, with alot of stitches!!!
Kisses to you...

Loraine said...

How are you? Love seeing your accomplishments this year. Even though it hasn't been as productive as you would have liked, it's really a lot of stitching when you put it in a picture! Yea!
I've missed you so much. I've avoided the computer for 2 whole months, but I'm still working away at different things. I think a post is due tomorrow.
Hope your New Year is fabulous, and that you have some great projects to inspire you. :)

Jeanne said...

Congrats on all your 2010 finishes Jane and may you have a productive 2011. It's always fun starting a new fresh year with all our plans ahead of us.

Bea de Caracas said...

Only to say you "Hello!"

Bea de Caracas said...

But what are you doing, my dear Jane???!!!
You'll have to show us a lot of things!!!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Happy Easter for you,


Lynn D said...

I really miss reading your blog. It was such a bright spot of my day. I hope and pray that you are okay.

Lynn in Alabama

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Merry Christmas for you !!!

Marylin France

Ulla's Quilt World said...

Your quilts/crafts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!
Yours, Ulla (from Finland)

Anonymous said...

spot on with this write-up, i like the way you discuss the things. i'm impressed, i must say. i'll probably be back again to read more. thanks for sharing this with us.

Lee Shin