Saturday, June 19, 2010

My First Shepherd's Bush - Evening Sampler

My, how long it's been since my last post. I must apologise for the absence but to tell you the truth, I haven't felt like stitching or blogging lately. I guess we all go through these moments but mine seems to be going on for a while. Just as a fill-in I have something to show you from many years ago.

Shepherd's Bush - Evening Sampler
Stitched in 1994

This one is going back sixteen years to 1994. It was my first Shepherd's Bush pattern that I stitched. Designed by Tina Richards Herman in 1991, Evening Sampler is one of many of her creations that I like. I worked it using mainly the recommended threads except for the house filled in with a purple colour instead of a grey. The fabric was a Lugana 25ct in Mushroom or Bone (can't quite remember now). I used two threads for the most part and one for the words and other details. Plenty of beads are used throughout as well. This design is still available at Shepherd's Bush and takes you back to their earlier style of patterns.

There's a house to call home.

Children playing with their kite.

A verse to read with ducks a waddling.

The frame I chose for it is red wood with an aqua colour filled around the edges to tone in with the aqua in the stitched piece. I had this framed many years ago as well, not just recently.

These earlier patterns of SB come with more than just one design. Evening Sampler includes three small patterns that they placed on fabric blocks. They also have a needle roll shown that they've taken elements of the main design to create. Lovely little bonuses from the one chart. The needle roll would be nice to do one day. This picture I've taken from the chart.

It's Winter time here so I thought I'd change my blog background to coincide with it. We're getting a proper Winter with cold mornings, cold days, and cold nights. It's just so cold! Rain and cloudy days are the order of the day. I go into hibernation mode like a grizzly, old, bear. Maybe not so much the grizzly, hopefully not the old, but definitely bear like behaviour by trying to keep warm. I just dream of those of you who are in the northern climes and are getting some sunny weather now. Enjoy those warm days ahead. I'll just snuggle up with my mohair blanket and crank the heat up!


nima said...

wow..that looks gorgeous

Sandra said...

Lovely sampler, I much prefer the way yours is framed without a mat.

pat said...

all very beautiful and elegant
ciao Pat

Ledana said...

Hi Jane!
Great work! I love every detail, very nice and neatly, beautiful! Could you tell the size of the finished unframed work?

Jane said...

Ledana, the design area of my finished piece is 5" x 12". It's stitched over one thread and I think I've done it on 25ct but I can't be sure, sorry.

Thanks ladies, for dropping by and your sweet comments.

Nina said...

Good to see you are online again :)
This is a gorgeous work, I really like it!

Patti said...

Oh my goodness it is so gorgeous - all of it.
Patti xxx

Gillie said...

Beautiful! For some reason I can't do Shepherd's Bush designs, I love them but can't get very far with fault, not theirs! You popped into my mind a couple of days ago, I was wondering what was going on, and here you are, works every time! Hope the stitching muse returns soon!

Susan said...

It's beautiful, Jane! As always, I love your photography and staging!

Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing your sampler. Your stitching then was just as beautiful as your stitching is now!

It is so hard to imagine it being winter. Where I am it is hot summer!

Natasha said...

what a lovely sampler. Yes we have missed your postings but some time off is always a good thing :)

Stay warm there.

Melissa said...

What a cute piece Jane! I love your photos of it too - well done!

I am totally in the same frame of mind as you about stitching and blogging. I feel like I'll never get my stitching mojo back! eeek!

Maybe we need to do a SAL together again - but smaller piece this time!

Le blog de marylin said...

Hi beauty queen Jane very satisfied to read to you yes come moments when we have not envy(urge) it's not serious çà returns after in time! What what you shows us there is very beautiful! I like very much! I go send you all my friendship and courage to face the cold! I for example I like the cold! To very fast mary

Wendy said...

that looks so great, love those colors !
do I see it right, that is was not framed behind glass ?
was that a choice or do you just never have any of your works framed behind glass ?

Elaine said...

Beautiful piece, just love the pretty colours.
Snuggle up and keep warm,hugs!

Debs said...

How amazing, Jane, this was my first SB sampler too. I liked it so much, I got a kit, and tried silks for the first time. Your piece turned out lovely and I like the frame choice you made.

I will gladly, and quickly, trade your winter for our summer. Our summer has brought high temps, high winds, high humidity,and tons of storms. The storms I enjoy--the others I hide from, and stay inside to stitch in the cool air. The stitching mojo will come back--you just have to find something that really calls you to stitch it.

Jane said...

Thanks to everyone for your comments. I know I've been quiet for a while and I appreciate you dropping by and passing on your thoughts.

Wendy, you do see this piece without glass. Usually if there's no mat I will have it framed with no glass. I like the look of my stitched work being 'free' from behind glass. It gives it a less modern feel and sense of closeness to your needlework. Thanks for asking. :)

Bekca said...

What a gorgeous sampler. I hope you enjoy your hibernation!
Happy Stitching.

Hilda said...

Dear Jane,
this Sampler is soooo wonderful - and the details are very lovely!

For the weather you do not need to wish to live in nordern climes!
I live in Austria - and today summer should start. But there is only rain and cold weather since many days!
So - where ever the sun might be, she is not here in Middle-Europe!

But thanks God we have our wonderful and warming waste-of-time: Stitching!

Hugs from Austria

Dovilė said...

very nice:) so soft sampler, Jane

Jennifer said...

How amazingly beautiful your stitching always has been and you are an inspirational person in this area~
We in US are having our Summer now and so it's sooooo hot and humid right now!
I think we all go through these slower times so no worries, it will get better I'm sure. I enjoy your blog alot!

Feathers in the Nest

Ness said...

C'est de toute beauté ! j'adore SB

bea de caracas said...

I'm so happy to read you again... and see your wonderfull first SB!!!
A lot of kisses to you...

Lelia said...

So beautiful! Job well done : )

Nähmeise said...

Your cross stitch sampler is very nice. I love those colors. Needlework is my passion too.
Lovely greatings from germany

FIONA said...

This has bought back lovely memories for me too! This was my very first SB sampler I ever stitched also! Seems like great minds always think alike. I love your photos too! Absolutely beautiful and I will be following your blog now! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

Peg said...

How wonderful, this was my first SB sampler too, I had not been stitching long a friend gave me the kit as a present & I loved stitching it. I'm ashamed to say I only had it framed recently along with many others!
It is nice to have you back, I've not stitched for a while either not because I don't want to just not had the time. Looking forward to your next post.

Peg x

Vinniey said...

Your works are so beautiful and you have a lovely beautiful blog! I will visit your blog more often. :) I adored your Evening Sampler, the purple house is so sweet! :)

Lee Albrecht said...

Sou do brasil é e a minha primeira visita... um trabalho maravilhoso... tenho uma grande amiga da Australia.
Um abraço

Susan said...

Hi, Jane - I was just thinking of you, and realized you haven't blogged in almost a month. I hope you're okay! You're missed :)

Tammy said...

This is an oldie but a goodie, and yours turned out gorgeous!

Karen said...

Hi Jane, missing your blog. Is everything okay?

Just Me and My Shadow said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Jane. We have both been a little bit quiet recently. It happens sometimes. Charlotte certainly is quite the calendar girl in the above post. Spring is almost here and certainly felt like it this weekend. Beautiful weather!

Coraline said...

Wonderful work! I love it!
Welcome to my blog!

riveraaissa said...

Thank you for your article. It was kind of you to share what you have knew and I appreciate you for spending some time to put this together.