Monday, October 06, 2008

Offline and cats

Hi all! Over the weekend I've had no connection to the Internet. It's not until you don't have it that you realise how much you use it. So I haven't been overly thrilled by the situation. The problem was my modem wasn't connecting properly. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I managed to get it back online this morning somehow (don't ask me how), without even having to rely on a technician from my service provider to work on it. Mind you, I did speak to someone from them on Saturday to try to fix the problem and even they couldn't tell me what was wrong. Hence they were going to get a proper technician to look at it. Perhaps there were gremlins in the system...

So over the weekend I have taken some pictures of my two cats. I love them dearly and any opportunity to get a photo of them I take. My eldest, Sophie, was in an angelic mood sitting on some towels I had on the table ready to be put away. Charlotte was not in such a placid mood and therefore harder to get some good photos. Here's the results.



My stitching is still on a go slow at the moment. Sorry I haven't got anything to report on there. Hopefully my next stash order will be here soon.


Teejay said...

Your cats are so beautiful!

Sometimes the internet isn't working because the provider has interrupted the service in the area(they don't want to tell their customers though).

Ginte said...

Charlotte has very beautiful blue eyes! :)

Jurga said...

Wow! What's a beauty! They are wonderful! I love these blue eyes and fantastic nature of Birman cats :)))

Chrissie said...

Very cute fur babies :)