Saturday, June 25, 2005

Little Witch HD

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Finally got her finished today. Another Shepherd's Bush one too. This piece would only take about a week of solid stitching, but I managed to stretch it out over about 4 1/2 months! I've done very little stitching of late, so I'm very pleased to have this one completed.

Loved the fabric, and the colours of the threads with this piece. I moved the pumpkin button from the top of the vine to the ground, and put a rose button in its place. The witch is one stitch shorter in her legs, because I made a mistake with the vine, and had that one thread shorter. Not to worry though, because I know what it's like being short:)

A fun one to do, so any SB fans out there, get this one for your stash.

Now... what will I start next? That's right, I was going to do Little House Needleworks: Colonial Dry Goods. A non SB for a change.

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Lelia said...

Your SB turned out very nicely! I like SB stuff, too. I've been working on the garden fob and garden needleroll & maybe will get them both finished in September ; )

Nice blog. Ditto on your designers listed in profile. Most of your favorites are my favorites. Like minded stitchers ; )