Saturday, July 01, 2017

I Have A Finish! ~ Thanks A Lot

At last I have finished a design I picked up in 2010! Otherwise being preoccupied with life for the past few years, I have found some time to complete a Shepherd's Bush kit called Thanks A Lot. It's a small piece and doesn't take much time to do. Funnily enough, the time I've had to complete it has been because I've been sick this past week off work. Only a cold virus, but enough to warrant staying home.

Thanks A Lot - Finished 30 June 2017 

So this little piece was really easy to do and one you could do in maybe two to three solid days stitching. Comes complete as a kit, all you need to do is work out how to finish it (framed, pincushion, etc).

SHEPHERD'S BUSH - Thanks A Lot kit

Made with silk threads, some variegated, some not, and a cute button to attach when finished.

Can't say when my next stitching project will take place but this cheeky little finish has been lovely to finally complete. It was a bit strange picking up the needle after so long and getting into the rhythm again, but such a joy to do.

Take care my friends, and happy stitching !


Nicole said...

So sweet! Very pretty finish! Glad to see you posting! :) said...

Lovely. Do you still have your cats?