Sunday, September 04, 2016

Six Months Until 'I Do'

It's six months today until I get married! We have rented a house for three nights, which is where we will stay for the weekend of our wedding. We will be able to: prepare for the wedding, have the ceremony, enjoy a cocktail reception afterwards, and relax with family/friends, all at the one place. Some guests will also be able to stay at the accommodation together with us. It will be a small, intimate wedding of only 30 people. Just immediate family and a few friends. The property is on five acres, and has a pool and tennis court. It used to be a rural farm and has been converted to current style accommodation. It's very private and countrified. Perfect to relax and enjoy the celebrations of a weekend long, wedding.
A lot of things have been booked. Apart from the venue, our celebrant, photographer, caterers, flowers, and of course the all important dress have been selected. Even our wedding rings are ready! My dress has arrived in store, and I go for my first fitting on the 19th of this month.

flower bouquet from Hello Blossoms - our wedding florist

Raffaele Ciuca - where I've bought my wedding dress

My stitching these days has had to be put aside. I will definitely get back into it one day. My time at the moment doesn't allow the luxury of my hobby. There will be a chance in the future for me to be able to pick up needle and thread again. I look forward to when this day will come.

Happy stitching, my friends!  

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Shepherd's Bush Fold

As a big Shepherd's Bush fan, I'd be expected to join the 2014 Shepherd's Bush Fold, wouldn't I?  Yes, well I did succumb to the temptation and finally joined through The Silver Needle recently.  Last Thursday I received my first and starting kit in the mail.  As well as a few other SB kits to make the purchase even more exciting.
They always package things so nicely.  It seems a shame to open up the package.

Here's what was inside...
Fours kits, including the Fold kit.

First kit in the Shepherd's Bush Fold - A Full Heart
 A Tisket, A Tasket
Bee Blessings
Wisteria Snowman
In my last post I mentioned that I had purchased some stash at The Silver Needle's New Year's Eve sale.  I'll try to post some photos of what I got next time.  Sorry that I haven't got around to doing this yet. I'm lucky to be posting this one, as tomorrow I'm heading off with my fiance to visit his parents in country Victoria for Easter.  So I thought I'd post this while I had the chance.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter break and gets the chance to catch up with family or friends.  I'm sure there'll be a little chocolate mixed in there somewhere.  Happy Easter and thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

A Mother's Xmas Gift

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable welcome to 2014. May it be a happy, healthy year, full of lots of wonderful stitching moments for you.

I wanted to share with you a present my mother made for me for Christmas.  She is 80 years old and she stitched this beautiful little kit called C Is For Kitty-Cat.  It's by The Sweetheart Tree and comes with everything needed to stitch it up, including all the beads and charms. My mum finished it off as a small little cushion.  Made even more special as she has stitched it herself.

She knows how I love my cats and I was completely surprised she had made this for me.

My life is still busy.  I'm sharing my time between my place and my fiance's.  He has two teenage daughters that live with him most of the time.  Their situation needs to be considered at the moment, so I wait for the day when we can live in the same house and have a normal life. Then I hope to have at least a little more time to dedicate to my stitching again.  Or, I long for when I retire.  Plenty of time to stitch then!

I did do some needlework buying over New Year's.  This is the first time I've bought needlework for quite a while.  Not that I need anymore, but why should I let that stop me.  The Silver Needle had their annual New Year's Sale on so I took the opportunity to buy a few things at 25% off.  I'm just waiting for the package to arrive in the mail.  Probably another week or so.  I'll make sure to take some pics to show you what I bought.  Always exciting to see what people buy, I think.

I still haven't been looking at any stitching blogs lately.  I do apologise for that.  I've recently bought a laptop computer so I hope to have more access time to it than when I was using a desktop in another room.  I love how a laptop can be taken to anywhere in the house.  So I can sit in the lounge room while the TV is on and use the computer at the same time.  Wonderful!

Kath was so kind as to let me know about the upcoming Shepherd's Bush Fold for 2014.  Hadn't heard anything about it til then, so thanks for letting me know Kath.  Think I'll have to join up for that one but I'm not sure about the shaker style sewing box as it sells for $160.  Bit extravagant for my liking.

So this is where I finish my post.  I hope everyone has a wonderful year of amazing stitching.  Thank you for your lovely comments as I do appreciate them so much.  It's nice to know that people are still interested in my blog.  Take care and happy stitching!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all my loyal followers a very Merry Christmas for 2013.   May you have a lovely time with family and friends.  I hope 2014 brings peace and happiness to everyone.  Take care and happy holidays!  

Sunday, October 27, 2013

He Put A Ring On It!

Yes, I'm engaged!!!  Today, two weeks ago, at 46 years of age, I became engaged for the first time in my life.  I have finally found the man I'm going to marry.  We've been going out for nearly three years and I knew an engagement was coming, but I didn't know when.  So it was a surprise when the question was actually asked.

My engagement ring

My now fiance, took me away for the weekend to Daylesford in country Victoria.  We stayed at a very nice hotel overnight then went to a lovely restaurant for a Sunday lunch.  This is where the proposal took place. One the grounds, near a lake, at a place called The Lake House Restaurant.  A French inspired restaurant which is absolutely beautiful. Furnishings, atmosphere, and setting, all made it exquisite.   I would have to say it is the most gorgeous and one of the loveliest restaurants I have ever been to.  Having a special occasion to celebrate perhaps made it even more so, but it was still such a special place to be taken to.

Our room at Frangos & Frangos, Daylesford

The Lake House Restaurant in the distance

We had French champagne to start our lunch off (and to celebrate our engagement), an entree of assorted meats, then a delicious main meal which included kangaroo.  Soft cushions to rest against for the ladies when you sat down, were supplied.  The very best service I have come across in a restaurant, and just a delight to experience.

We don't plan to marry for a couple of years and are still tossing over ideas for the wedding.  It won't be a large nor formal occasion. Something more intimate and meaningful for both of us.  No date as yet either.

My stitching is still on hiatus but when I have more spare time in the future, I will pick that needle up again and put thread to fabric.

Just wanted to keep any of my followers who are still hanging in there and following my blog, up to date with what's happening in my life.  It's nice to share some good news I think.  Lots of happiness to all my readers, and thank you for dropping by.

Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm Still Here!

Hi all, just thought I'd touch base to let you know that I am still alive and well. My life is still quite busy and unfortunately no stitching is getting done. I haven't even purchased any needlework for a very long time.

My love life is blossoming though and have been with my boyfriend for over two years now. He's amazing and such a wonderful person.

Since I don't have any stitching to show, I thought I would show you my adorable cats. They are both well and are great company for each other.

Charlotte ~ 6 years old

Sophie ~ 12 years old

I'm not sure when I will post again but I wish everyone lots of happiness and good health. One day I will get back to my stitching and I plan to share my journey with you all again. Til then, please enjoy your own stitching and sharing it amongst one another.

The happiest of stitching to all!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wow! A Year Has Passed

Hi all, I bet you have been wondering where I've been? Sorry for the terribly looooong absence but I do have an excuse. I've been struck by the love bug. Yes, I have found myself a wonderful man whom I've been seeing for the past year. Things are going extremely well and he treats me like a princess. The only down side to it is that my stitching has well and truly been put on hold. I have no time for that and many other things. We see as much as we can of each other, without being obsessive. He's truly one in a million and I am lucky to have found him.

I rarely get the chance to have a look at peoples' blogs so please forgive me for neglecting this area. A few of you have emailed me asking if I was ok. Thank you so much for contacting and showing your concern.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and are planning an exciting New Year ahead.

In August this year I travelled to Eastern Canada/USA for a few weeks with a friend. We did a two week bus tour seeing New York, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Boston, and ending back in New York. I absolutely loved NY!!! Wasn't there long enough to do everything I would have liked, so it's a destination I would want to go back again one day. Pennsylvania was also a favourite. I was so interested in the Amish way of life. We stopped off at a town called Intercourse (yes, you read right) where there was a shopping village. I was totally in my element. Craft, country, and gift shops galore. Fantastic!

When I arrived in Quebec, there was a red rose waiting for me in my room. My boyfriend had sent it. Very romantic - he was missing me terribly. I took that rose with me all the way from Quebec, Boston, New York, then on the plane over to Los Angeles. My friend and I spent four nights at the end of the trip in the Hollywood Hills. A day each of Disneyland (needed at least 2 or 3 days there), tour of LA, and Universal Studios.

Loved the trip overall but it's a long flight from Australia to Los Angeles. At least 14 hours and very uncomfortable in economy class. I'm still sorting out photos (I took over 4000 of them) but will hopefully show you some one day.

I just wanted to update my blog and to let you know that all is well with me. Sorry I have no stitching photos to share. I hope everyone has been keeping busy with their craft and are creating some wonderful heirlooms for the future.

Happy New Year and thanks for dropping by!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year! ~ 2010 In Review

I hope you all had a wonderful Xmas filled with special moments of family and dear friends near by. Mine was with family, catching up, spent mostly outdoors since it was a lovely mild day.

The New Year has arrived in Australia and I shared the occasion with my sister, celebrating. We were both going to be on our own (which doesn't bother me) but decided to share the festivities together. A little bubbly and nibbles to help us enjoy the lead up to the New Year. We were going to watch When Harry Met Sally on dvd but it wasn't working properly, so watched the tv instead. I love watching this movie around New Year so it was a little disappointing we couldn't.

I thought I'd show you a collage of my year's work for 2010. Unfortunately I didn't get as much done during this year. My stitching mojo just seemed to vanish. Don't know how 2011 will go since I have other things going on at the moment (which I may tell you about at a later date). In all, I managed to get five projects completed.

EWE EYE & FRIENDS - Angel In Your Heart

My favourite for the year would have to have been Be Kind & Be True. I did this one as a SAL with Melissa earlier in the year. I loved working on it and it was fun knowing Melissa was sharing the enjoyment of stitching this along with me.

Thank you all for stopping by during the past year, I know I've been a bit quiet over the months. Be assured I'm still thinking of you all and enjoy seeing what everyone's creating. You're all so very talented out there:)

HAPPY NEW YEAR ~ 2011!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Little Pre-Xmas Stash

I ordered some stash over the last two months and it's only just arrived recently. The first lot was from Stitching Bits and Bobs. This I ordered early October and because one chart had to be ordered from the supplier, they hold back your entire order. This can be a bit frustrating, along with my priority package taking three weeks to get here! Anyway, the main thing is I have finally received it safely. I ordered some Victoria Sampler charts for Mum as part of her Xmas present. Another one of theirs she wanted to buy as she already had the accessory pack. This, I think, was the chart I was waiting on (Heirloom Nativity Sampler). These charts aren't in the photo.

Stash from top left clockwise: Plum Street Samplers - Hares' Christmas, LHN - The Family Sampler, Sarah Street ~ Faithfulness, Pumpkin Hollow Farms, BBD - Honeysuckle Manor book, and Farm House.

The next lot I got from The Rocking Horse. All Shepherds Bush kits.

Our Hearts Pin Cushion, My Land, Liberty Scissor Fob, The Journey, Lucky Sheep, Liberty Pin Cushion, My Pins, and Blue Snowman.

All lovely kits with beautiful supplies included. You probably won't see me stitching them soon, but one day I'll get to them.

Well, I've calmed down a bit since Oprah has left the country. I wasn't one of the lucky ones to actually see her show being taped in Sydney, since I would have had to have taken about three days off work. December isn't a good time to do this since it's our busiest time of year - no one is allowed to have any annual leave for all of December where I work. Plus you had to go into a lottery style draw just to get tickets! Knowing my luck, I wouldn't have got any. So I just kept up to date with all the news on the TV. Those at the first show's taping were given a necklace that you can actually buy yourself. Worth $AU450, it's not cheap, but it's certainly lovely. An Australian pearl hanging within a silver 'O'. Only available for a limited time, you can buy it from Kailis Jewellers Australia online. I'd love to buy one myself, but it's a bit too expensive for my budget.

So I hope everyone's gearing up for Xmas and are all organised. I've purchased all the presents I needed to get and tonight I'm going to sit in front of the TV and watch Carols In The Domain (live from Sydney), while wrapping my presents. It's a little tradition I've started and gets me in the festive mood.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oprah Day

The day finally arrived. Named by the media, Oprah Day, saw the culmination of a year's preparation being displayed with two Oprah shows taped today at the Sydney 'Oprah' House. There will be four shows in all to be seen in January (around the 19th) in the US and here in Australia the day after.

The audience went wild and there was even an accident with guest Hugh Jackman arriving on stage. Don't worry though, he's alright. They may not show the actual incident when it goes to air but he flew on to stage via a flying fox, pulled the breaks too late, and ended up crashing into the back of the stage. Apart from a bruised, cut eye, he's still his perfect self. Oprah went ahead and interviewed him, as the show must go on.

She flies out of Australia tomorrow and our country can settle down a little and get back to some normality. What an exciting time it's been, for us here in OZ! THANKS OPRAH!!!