Saturday, June 19, 2010

My First Shepherd's Bush - Evening Sampler

My, how long it's been since my last post. I must apologise for the absence but to tell you the truth, I haven't felt like stitching or blogging lately. I guess we all go through these moments but mine seems to be going on for a while. Just as a fill-in I have something to show you from many years ago.

Shepherd's Bush - Evening Sampler
Stitched in 1994

This one is going back sixteen years to 1994. It was my first Shepherd's Bush pattern that I stitched. Designed by Tina Richards Herman in 1991, Evening Sampler is one of many of her creations that I like. I worked it using mainly the recommended threads except for the house filled in with a purple colour instead of a grey. The fabric was a Lugana 25ct in Mushroom or Bone (can't quite remember now). I used two threads for the most part and one for the words and other details. Plenty of beads are used throughout as well. This design is still available at Shepherd's Bush and takes you back to their earlier style of patterns.

There's a house to call home.

Children playing with their kite.

A verse to read with ducks a waddling.

The frame I chose for it is red wood with an aqua colour filled around the edges to tone in with the aqua in the stitched piece. I had this framed many years ago as well, not just recently.

These earlier patterns of SB come with more than just one design. Evening Sampler includes three small patterns that they placed on fabric blocks. They also have a needle roll shown that they've taken elements of the main design to create. Lovely little bonuses from the one chart. The needle roll would be nice to do one day. This picture I've taken from the chart.

It's Winter time here so I thought I'd change my blog background to coincide with it. We're getting a proper Winter with cold mornings, cold days, and cold nights. It's just so cold! Rain and cloudy days are the order of the day. I go into hibernation mode like a grizzly, old, bear. Maybe not so much the grizzly, hopefully not the old, but definitely bear like behaviour by trying to keep warm. I just dream of those of you who are in the northern climes and are getting some sunny weather now. Enjoy those warm days ahead. I'll just snuggle up with my mohair blanket and crank the heat up!